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Strength to Beat Ever Tougher International Competition

We are now right in the middle of a period of tough international competition. In 1970, our company started manufacturing motorcycle hubs as its main product for Kawasaki (Kawasaki Motors, Ltd.) which is now a world famous brand name. Since then, our company has been involved in the field of transportation which is an ever expanding field with the toughest level of competition.
The expanding Asian economy centering around China is bringing about changes even here within Japan’s manufacturing environment. Staying in this kind of game requires a clear vision of the future and a strategy to make it happen. The three essential elements in our corporate manufacturing field are “Quality, Cost, and Delivery” to which we have now added “Development” and we strive to attain all of these elements up to the highest possible standards. To remain a player in this global market we are taking measures to bolster our corporate structure and constantly evolve and progress.

To continue progressing ever forward without letting ourselves be content with the current status quo, we have embarked on a series of reforms and innovations. Our corporate philosophy, proclaimed up till now as “Change - Change - Change” has itself evolved and the “3 C words” of our company philosophy are now “Change - Challenge - Communication” to reflect a stronger and upgraded corporate organization. These reforms must be speedily made to cope with changes in our environment and seemingly impossible tasks must be continually attempted. Product development must be boosted and enhanced and we must transform ourselves into a corporation that accurately meets customer needs.